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19th Dec 2018, 11:59 PM


SubscribeStar + the current issues with Patreon, online censorship

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In lieu of the recent issues with Patreon banning users for off-site activity, despite their TOS stating that they only ban users for on-site activity,  I have created a SubscribeStar account over at:

While I realize many readers will be unlikely to see or read this blog post or are unlikely to monetarily support this comic, I believe that other comic artists would find the site very useful in the case that Patreon should decide to ban or censor their work, weither it be for nsfw/adult content or content that's not politically correct (and lord do we know this comic is both of those things!), the site is an option you should be aware of.

Many thanks for your patience, I hope to have more pages out soon. Been having issues due to the weather being really poor here. Hope everyone has a nice end-of-the-year festivities and holiday season!

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