Links to other comics!

 City of the Sun
by Omi
Rilind, a zombie gifted with the power to heal the sick and injured, rescues a crass vampire named Aven. The two of them join to find the culprit that haunts Rilind's past, encountering twists and turns that bind their fates together. Horror, mystery, drama.  Recommended for ages 17+

by MissElaney 
A young veteran and artist must support his family during the economic crisis of post-soviet Moscow and finds himself unwillingly plunged into a violent criminal underworld with strange supernatural circumstances. Urban fantasy, crime. Recommended for ages 17+

Night Lights and Dark Places by Keltyzoid!
A giant cave monster and an aspiring mortician search for light in the world of eternal darkness they're doomed to inhabit. Romance, horror. Recommended for ages 17+

Theatre of the Bloody Tongue by Stilldown
Ariane Eldar, a multiverse travelling doom witch, has founded the Theater Of The Bloody Tongue, a mix of grande guignot and new burlesque to make a living, but is sent by the faceless god into a bizarre world. Meet famous rock musicians and other strange characters in an tradionally drawn underground comic. Adventure, for fans of underground comix and music.  Recommended for adults

Seluda by Cooks
A boy suffers from mental illness and a fate otherworldly in origin. Psychological drama. Recommended for mature readers and adults.